About the Club

The Eugene Running Club, established in 1987, is for adult runners of all abilities who wish to achieve personal running goals in a team-like, group setting, under the guidance of a coach.

Coach Cathie Twomey Bellamy writes individual workouts for each member of the Eugene Running Club, conducts group workouts several times a week, and is available for consultation by phone or email.

The club format embraces track-focused runners from 800 meters on up as well as road racers from 5,000 meters through the marathon, and those seeking simply to improve fitness through running.

Over the years, Eugene Running Club athletes have attained such goals as competing on the track in the World Veterans Games and national masters championships as well as qualifying for the Boston Marathon and other marathons with entry standards.

And many more have also felt the reward of setting personal bests in a wide variety of local road races.

The training atmosphere is one of serious fun — there’s energy, enthusiasm, humor and camaraderie. Workouts are written with each individual athlete in mind, according to their personal goals and fitness levels, so that progress is not undermined by injury.

Monthly fee is $65.  To learn more, email ctbeugenerun@aol.com

What They Say

“During my 13 years as a member, Cathie and the Eugene Running Club have provided a focus to my training, a group of friends/members who share my love of running, and an ability to reach running and fitness goals I might have otherwise struggled to achieve.”
Michael Caley

“As a long time member of the Eugene Running Club my experience has been an important and positive part of my life for almost 30 years. The social aspects of the club and unwavering enthusiasm of Cathie, and her constant humor, upbeat style and knowledgeable coaching, have guided and encouraged me through many marathons. Her understanding and empathy for middle-of-the-pack runners, such as myself, is infectious and benefits the entire group.”
Jack Anderson

“I first met Cathie in 1999, when I cam out for cross country as a sophomore in high school.  Not knowing a thing about the sport, her passion immediately inspired me to want to push myself in every workout and race that we had; I became addicted. She is not a coach that only pays attention to her best athletes, she makes sure that every single person is given her utmost attention and tailors their workouts to exactly fit their needs.  She meticulously watches and critiques every runner throughout their entire workouts.  After high school I would occasionally attend her Eugene Running Club group workouts, and let me tell you they are amazing… for anyone.  Whether you are training for a marathon, or just simply want to get into shape and explore what running has to offer, there is no better person to be guiding you through that process than Cathie.  She is an amazing coach and person that brings out the very best in every single runner she works with. I live in Portland now and am always wishing I had the opportunity to continue running with her and her group.”                                                                Matt Hazard